On the Road

This weekend,
HDA is traveling to Chattanooga for their third competition, Masquerade!

 So far the season has been exciting, especially last weekend at Revolution, and this  weekend won’t disappoint!
Be sure to wish the team good luck 🙂

**Revolution results coming soon



HDA wins Video of the Week!

HDA won Video of the Week for Masquerade in Birmingham!
This was a Facebook contest where each studio voted for a dance that they wanted to see posted on Masquerade’s page.
The competition was extremely intense… there were 689 comments!
I know what you’re thinking.. what’s the big deal? Well, it is important to the dancers and to the studio owners because they want other people to see their work.  Masquerade is a national dance competition, and their Facebook page has over 5,000 viewers. Obviously, they will have other people seeing this video.  The more you put yourself out there, the more feedback you will get.  Good or bad, at least people will be talking about HDA.
This was a unique honor and it means so much that enough people voted and supported us to win!
Enough with the small talk. Here’s the video!

“Will Love Reign?” – Production

Want to know more about what’s going on at Masquerade?
Click here to view their Facebook page!

HDA is an FDC Winner!

This is HDA’s third FDC Award this season!  This particular dance was also the highest scoring routine from ages 12-19.  Although the judges were unable to experience the full effect (due to the theater not allowing balloons inside the auditorium), they still captivated the judges and it was their favorite! What an honor! Let’s keep up this winning streak HDA.

Enjoy this performance, “Weightless”.

Vote for HDA!

HDA has been nominated for Studio of the Year and Best Interpretive Group Story-Form Perfomance by the Destined to Dance Awards!
It originated in 2006 “as a show used as an outlet to build clientele for the studios, while allowing them to showcase electrifying performances.” Basically, the goal of Destined to Dance is to demonstrate the art of dance to those who are unfamiliar and help create more diversity for dancers who are familiar with it. They chose dancers who they thought have made a great impact on dance. To learn more visit their website d2dawards.

To vote for Hermitage Dance Academy, click Hermitage Dance Academy in the first box (top left), and click Andrea Woodward in the second box (right next to it).
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Also, the competition attended Masquerade Dance Competition this weekend and they have a Video of the Week on Facebook.  The dance that receives the most votes will appear on their Facebook page! 
If you have a Facebook, please visit the link below and type “Will Love Reign? Hermitage Dance Academy” in a comment!
Vote for Video of the Week

We would love it if you would take a couple of minutes out of your day to support HDA!

HDA’s Competition Results: Masquerade

HDA danced their hearts out at Masquerade this weekend!  We are so proud of their accomplishments this weekend!


Small Groups:
2nd Place- “Where’s the Party?”
1st Place- Turf War
Judge’s Favorite Lyrical Performance:
“Memorial Day”
Judge’s Favorite Hip Hop Performance:
“Turf War”


2nd Place- “Beautiful” performed by Bailey Barber
2nd Place- “Firework”
3rd Place- “Who’s Laughing Now”
Small Groups:
2nd Place- “Calm Under the Waves”
3rd Place- “Criminal Intent”
5th Place- “So Shady”
Bailey Barber
Kittrell Poe
Corinne Baldwin


Solos:10th Place- “Dangerous” performed by Corinne Baldwin Duos/Trios:
3rd Place- “Teenage Dream”
Small Groups:
1st Place- “Killing Me Softly”
Large Groups:
2nd Place- “End of Innocence”
5th Place- “Narcissist”
2nd Place- Blind Allegiance
Special Award:
“Will Love Reign?”


10th Place- “Eternal Flame” performed by Kendyl Osbourne
2nd Place- “Do It Like A Dude”
3rd Place- “Control”
Small Groups:
1st Place- “Weightless”
4th Place- “Videophone”
5th Place- “Runaway Bride”
Large Groups:
1st Place- “A Glimpse of Heaven”
Special Awards:
Best Costume- “Weakness in Me”
Lyrical Judge’s Choice- “Runaway Bride”
Choreography- “Weightless”
Senior Best of Show (highest score): “Weightless”
FDC AWARD: “Weightless”
Parade of Stars: 
Chelsea Hough
Kendyl Osbourne
Miriam Gaines
Ansley Sharpe
Madison Weber
Jordyn Rotroff
Jordan Rudzinski