View our Class Listings

Once you have chosen your classes,
Step 1) Click on the link above to register.
Step 2) Find one of the classes you want to take.
Step 3) Click the blue “register” button next to the class.
Step 4) Fill out the form.
Step 5) If you are registering for more than one class, add the other classes you want to take on the registration form.
Step 6) Hit submit at the bottom of the form.

If you are already registered:

Step 1) Follow steps 1-3 above.
Step 2) Click the red “Already a Customer” link on the registration form.
Step 3) Sign into your account.
**If you have not signed into your account before, follow these steps:
1) Enter your e-mail address that we have on file.
2) Click the blue “I don’t have one or don’t know my password” link.
3) This will send an e-mail to you with your password.
Step 4) Once you are logged into your account, click the registration tab.
Step 5) Choose session 2012-2013.
Step 6) You will see a list of our classes offered. Choose the ones you would like!

Our registration fee is $35.00. Pay this fee as soon as you can after you register! You must pay at the studio until the online payment method is working properly.

**Be sure that your pop-ups are not blocked on your computer!
If they are and you don’t know how to enable them, click the Ctrl button and your mouse at the same time.


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