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17 responses to “Schedule

  1. It would be really great if Boys Hip Hop (ages 9 – 12) was on Tuesday nights like during the Summer. 6:30PM – 7:30PM would be perfect. I have (2) boys (possibly a third) interested. Not sure if there is any chance to revise the schedule. Let us know. Thanks!!!

    • We offer adult classes based on request. I know that we are having a Zumba trial class soon! Call the studio at 615-231-7100 to find out the times for that and put what classes you would like to take on the request and comments page!

    • There is more information about turns and leaps available on the classes page. Unfortunately there is not another Acrodance class at the moment. Our Acrodance teacher is not available every day. If there are enough requests for another class, we could possibly be able to open up another one, but it is not guaranteed. Thanks!

  2. My daughter Anne Michael Cottrell was in Pre-school 2 last year. I assume she will go into Kinderdance now, correct? Also, my son Henry Cottrell was in boys Hip Hop. He is 7 and on a competition team. Which class will he be in now?

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