HDA’s Thoughts on Rivalry

Every team has their rival.
HDA’s competition team often competes with other studios around Nashville. . . so naturally they are rivals.
Personally, I have witnessed some serious interactions between teams that just seem unhealthy.  What I have seen leads me to believe that dance competition rivalries are having a negative effect on dancers.  I decided to ask some students, a teacher, and a parent how they felt about dance competition rivalry and its pros and cons.

Take a listen to this podcast featuring Chelsea, Dominic, Cayla, Tiffany, and Lori.
(Chelsea, Dominic, and Cayla are competitive dancers, Tiffany is a teacher, and Lori is a dance parent)
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HDA’s Dance Moms

One of the hottest shows right now is Dance Moms.
Dancers talk about it, moms talk about it, teachers talk about it, and non-dancers talk about it. It has been mentioned at almost every competition HDA has attended this season in the form of a joke or just a general statement.
This show gives an inside scoop to dance studio life and the competition experience, but is it truthful? I asked a HDA mom and an HDA student what they thought of the show.. . . Is it a good representation of what goes on in the average dance studio?
Listen to the podcast below to hear their take on it!