Summer Classes and Camps

Summer classes and camps start next week!

The first summer camps start on Monday,


the first summer classes start on Tuesday.

Can’t wait to see everyone 🙂


Saturday Registration

This year’s recital was such a blast!
If you missed it, don’t worry.
A brand new season is beginning!
Come join us for a summer and fall of hard work, dancing, and most importantly, FUN!
HDA is extremely excited to get back to it!

This Saturday, registration will be open for summer/fall classes at the studio (275 Jackson Meadows Dr. behind the Walmart in Hermitage) from 10am-2pm.

Come reserve your spot!

Parking for Recital

IF YOU ARE IN SHOWS 1 & 2 (On Saturday):

You must park in the Baskin Center Garage.  There are 3 different graduations happening this day as well!

IF YOU ARE IN SHOW 3 (On Sunday):

You may park in the Curb Event Center Garage as usual. 

Below is a link to the Belmont campus map. 
Massey Performing Arts Center is #16 on the map, and the Randall and Sadie Baskin Center is #8.

This Week

There week be no classes tomorrow (Monday, May 14th)!!

Dress rehearsal starts on Tuesday, May 14th AT BELMONT.

Check your email for your rehearsal times. You should have received an email with the show orders. Please try to arrive approximately 30 minutes before your scheduled time. We WILL run on time!!!

Can’t wait to preview all of the wonderful performances the students have been working on all year!