Audition Tips

***Studio Closed this week for Spring Break***

If you are wanting to pursue a career in dance, you will go through audition after audition after audition.
I have been attending auditions lately and have seen some interesting behavior that has inspired me to share audition tips.

Tips BEFORE you audition:

1. Hear a correction once and apply that correction. Train yourself now!
2. ALWAYS perform in class.  Technique is important, but performance can be more memorable.
3. Practice picking up choreography quickly! You won’t be able to really dance if you can’t remember the choreography
4. Research what you are auditioning for.  Always do your homework!
5. Prepare your resume and headshot.  These are not always necessary, but always bring them.  At the very least, it is a good way for the choreographer to remember who you are and what you look like .
6. Have a small bag of clothing/shoe options you can quickly change into if needed.
Tips DURING the audition:

1. Don’t audition next to your friends. You may be tempted to talk!
2. Don’t hide in the back, be confident.
3. Memorize the names of the instructors, producers, choreographers, assistants, etc.
4. Be expressive (smile a lot if the movement calls for it).
5. Use your etiquette:
– Don’t ever sit down
– Don’t talk
– Don’t turn your back to the instructor
– Clap for other dancers
– Shake the instructor’s hand and thank them at the end of the audition
6.  Believe in yourself!

p.s. If you start getting nervous, try running in place. It will get you warm, your blood pumping and burn off extra adrenaline.

There are many other helpful hints, but these are some that I find most important.
Auditions can be intimidating, but always remember that it is an experience.
Try your best to have fun and relax!

You WILL get told no more than yes and that’s okay!
Never get discouraged and keep pursuing your passion 🙂

For more information, visit the link below:
Dance Audition Tips



Don’t forget there are NO CLASSES this week.

Everyone take this time to rest your dancing bodies, because we will be back and ready to work next week.
Recital is only 2 months away!

Safe travels… 🙂