Hey hey everybody!!

There are fundraiser packets available at the front desk!
This is a great way to help pay for your costumes.  You make 20% of what you sell that goes directly to your account.
You can send the information to your family and friends via email and you can set up your own account and they can order and pay on-line as well.
All details are in the packet.

Here is some important information:
Start date: September 4th
End date: Friday, September 21st

– Collect the money with your orders. Sales tax is included in the price. (We accept cash or checks made payable to HDA and be sure to put your child’s name on the bottom of each check).

1. Go to and click Sellers Register Here.
2. Enter the Group ID printed below and click Go.
3. Enter your First and Last Name and Class/Team (if applicable) and click Next.
4. You will now receive a unique Seller ID to give to friends and family. Be sure to write it down!

You can now send email messages to friends and family.  An auto message giving instructions will be sent along with your personal message. You can send unlimited emails!

Group: HER168    Seller ID: (write it down)

Email addresses sent through are used only to send the personalized messages. They will NOT be sold to third parties.


Get selling 🙂



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