Did You Know?

Several people ask the question, “Is their one instructor for the combo classes?” The answer is no.

Each of our staff members are specialized!
Although our teachers are very versatile, we find it beneficial for them to choose the few styles they are most comfortable with and perfect those teaching skills.

As a result, students have the opportunity to work with several different teachers so that they receive the best training possible.
Every teacher has something special to offer, so say you have 5 teachers, that’s 5 methods of teaching. The more things you know, the more your dance vocabulary expands, and the better you get. There’s only so much one person can give to you.
HDA does a great job of creating well-rounded dancers, because they are able to provide several different talented people to learn from.

The dancers that have grown up at HDA graduate with the ability to succeed in basically any style of dance they desire and we are very proud of that. So is the specialization of teachers a good thing? Absolutely 🙂

Below is a list of what our staff members teach (most teach a large range of ages).
There are staff bios coming soon!

Amanda- Ballet
Sarah- Ballet
Kayla- Ballet
Andrea- Jazz, Lyrical
Meredith- Jazz, Hip-Hop
Tiffany- Tap, Hip-Hop
Keith- Hip-Hop
Taylor- Hip-Hop
Missa- Tap
Dana- Tumbling
Mia- Tumbling
Christina- Musical Theatre
Tyler- Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, Ballet


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