Bring a Friend Week!

Don’t forget that this week is “Bring a Friend” week!!!!

We encourage you to bring a friend to your classes and let them experience the fun you have each week!
Remember, Pre-school  1 and 2 and Kinderdance classes have been asked to bring a “toy friend” in addition to their actual friend, as these will be incorporated into their classes.
If you bring a friend, be sure to stop by the front desk as you leave and pick up a goodie bag full of prizes for yourself and your friend!

This will be so much fun for both the student and their friend, so don’t hesitate to participate!
We are looking forward to meeting your friends this week 🙂


You’re Invited to Outback Steakhouse!

We invite you to join us at the Hermitage Outback Steakhouse for the


Join us for dinner at Outback, and 20% of the sales of whatever you order will be donated to the competition team!
See you at dinner mates!

Thursday, September 6, 2012
4:00-10:00 p.m.

Mark your calendars!!!
And come by the studio to pick up flyers for your friends and family 🙂

Outback Steakhouse–Hermitage
5582 Old Hickory Blvd.
(615) 885-6677

Vote, Vote, Vote!!!

Do you want HDA to be considered as the best dance school in Nashville?
If you’ve attended HDA, you know that it deserves to be named the best!

The Nashville Scene is currently accepting votes for its annual “best of” issue.
You must vote in at least 20 categories before your vote can be successfully submitted.
Make sure you click on the tab labeled “kids” and “best dance school” is the first category.
Just type Hermitage Dance Academy and click vote.
Repeat this process 19 more times with any categories you choose.
It only takes about 10 minutes, so please support HDA!

Make sure you hit the submit button located in the left hand column.
You can vote once per e-mail address, so if you have more than one, you can vote again!

HDA is the BEST dance school of Nashville 🙂

Click the link below!


Importance of Taking Dance Classes

You may wonder, why start my child in dance classes?

Dance accompanies competition, creativity, and personal expression.
Also, very similar to sports, dance can improve your child’s mental and physical strength, and provide your child with a variety of abilities to gain.

Here are some benefits that dancing brings:
1. Physical Health
– Dance involves movement that helps develop strong muscles and toning one’s body. It can also aid in the progression of motor skills. No matter what, students will benefit from the exercise.
2. Learning
– Dance is a specific study. This allows students to focus on picking up instructions related to only one subject area. It provides the opportunity to learn about something in a specific way.
3. Expression
The expression of ideas through body movement is achieved with dance.  It offers the chance for students to express themselves and their creativity through something other than words. This is something that makes dance unique because dancers are encouraged to explore their creativity. There aren’t always a set of rules… being yourself is enough.
4. Team Work
– In most classes, children get the opportunity to work together. Whether they are working in partners or groups, students learn to rely on one another and become a team. This skill is useful for the rest of your life.
5, Competition
A little healthy competition can go a long way. Seeing others succeed in your class reiterates the importance of practice and it pushes dancers to be their best.  Those who love this competition normally go the extra mile and audition for the competition team.

There are many other benefits that come from dance, but these are some important ones.
So if you are hesitant to put your child in dance classes, hesitate no more!
It’s not just dance steps that they are learning, it’s life skills as well.
We provide a growing place for dancers!

Come check us out!
You can still register 🙂

Did You Know?

Several people ask the question, “Is their one instructor for the combo classes?” The answer is no.

Each of our staff members are specialized!
Although our teachers are very versatile, we find it beneficial for them to choose the few styles they are most comfortable with and perfect those teaching skills.

As a result, students have the opportunity to work with several different teachers so that they receive the best training possible.
Every teacher has something special to offer, so say you have 5 teachers, that’s 5 methods of teaching. The more things you know, the more your dance vocabulary expands, and the better you get. There’s only so much one person can give to you.
HDA does a great job of creating well-rounded dancers, because they are able to provide several different talented people to learn from.

The dancers that have grown up at HDA graduate with the ability to succeed in basically any style of dance they desire and we are very proud of that. So is the specialization of teachers a good thing? Absolutely 🙂

Below is a list of what our staff members teach (most teach a large range of ages).
There are staff bios coming soon!

Amanda- Ballet
Sarah- Ballet
Kayla- Ballet
Andrea- Jazz, Lyrical
Meredith- Jazz, Hip-Hop
Tiffany- Tap, Hip-Hop
Keith- Hip-Hop
Taylor- Hip-Hop
Missa- Tap
Dana- Tumbling
Mia- Tumbling
Christina- Musical Theatre
Tyler- Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, Ballet

Shoe Rentals

If you forget your shoes, we do have a limited supply available at the front desk that you may borrow.

However, we do have a shoe-rental policy!

The first time you need to borrow a pair of shoes it is free.

The second time, it’s $1.

The third time, it’s $2.

The fourth, $3 and so on!

Be sure that you return your shoes before leaving and that you name is written down 🙂

There is a dancewear store conveniently located in the Publix and Goodies shopping area by the studio called Dancewear Unlimited. Tell them you are with HDA and they will help you out!