Preventing Injuries

Summer is in full swing, which means summer camps are as well!
Dancing for nearly 7 hours a day is exhausting, and it can be extremely hard on your muscles.

In order to prevent injury, be sure to practice these habits:

1. Warm Up-Be sure to always warm up and stretch properly before you begin dancing. Preparing your body for the stresses it may face will help reduce the risk of injury.

2. Drink LOTS of fluids!(Especially with the heat this summer has brought us)

3. Be aware of your limits- Don’t forget to listen to your body. If you are in pain, don’t dance. Resist the temptation!

4. Concentrate on your technique-Pay close attention to the correct body movements and positions.  The way a dancer connects one move to another must be technically correct so as not to twist the body incorrectly or strain a muscle.

5. Eat healthy- Beware of your nutritional habits.  Healthier food provides more energy, which means less muscle fatigue. Most of the time, muscle fatigue is the reason for injury.

6. Cool down- Taking your body from one extreme to another is never healthy!

***If you do find yourself with a pulled muscle or swollen area of your body be sure to properly treat it:


For more information about preventing dance injuries, visit the link below.

Camps are going great!
This week, we have…

Legacy Camp (competition team auditions included, ages 13&up)
Nexstar Camp (competition team auditions included, ages 7-9)
Dora the Explorer Camp

If you were planning to come and missed it or forgot, hurry in tomorrow!
Visit our Summer Camps page for more information.

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