FDC People’s Choice Awards 2012

This year, we have been nominated three times to receive the FDC People’s Choice Award by receiving the FDC Award at three different competitions! We figured the most effective way to get votes would be to choose 1 number and only vote for that one.
We have chosen “Runaway Bride” from Applause Talent Competition!

So let’s get to voting! Here are the directions:
(You must have a Facebook account to participate)

1) Visit FDC’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fdcdance
2) “Like” FDC’s Facebook page.
3) Scroll down to the post (on the left side of the page) that says APPLAUSE-VOTE NOW and click on it.
**It may ask that you share your likes with the app or your e-mail address. Click OK.
4) Click on Hermitage Dance Academy “Runaway Bride” and click vote at the bottom of the page.

You can only vote ONCE so share with your friends!!!
One winner from each competition will be announced for a total of 14 People’s Choice Winners. Each winner’s studio director and guest will be invited to attend our 2012 FDC Gala in Cancun, Mexico.

All of the performances in the running are available to watch at www.youtube.com/user/FDCdanceVids.

Hurry! We are a little late getting this out, but voting ends July 20th!!! You have 13 days!!!!


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