Importance of Summer Training

With summer in full swing, the general tendency is to lay around and relax.
Relaxation is great, but staying in shape should be a priority as well.
An article from expressed that the rate of injury for dancers is extremely high and the majority of injuries happen at the beginning of the season. This is when dancers have lost their stamina and strength and they are easily fatigued.  This strength and stamina are gained through taking class.  It also stated that,

“There is no substitute for a great summer dance class…In addition to providing you with dance specific strengthening, this will also help you keep all of the steps that you’ve worked so hard to perfect in your “muscle memory” — the coordinated sequence of movement patterns stored in your central nervous system.”

So why not take class?
Sometimes motivation is hard to find in the summer months, but I have come to find that it’s much easier when other people are there to motivate you. Luckily for you, HDA offers several summer classes 🙂
For more information the summer classes or camps offered, visit our Schedule page and our Summer Camps page.

To read the full article I referenced, visit the link below.
Staying in Shape over the Summer Break


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