Nationals 2012

Our competition team was amazing at Kids Artistic Revue’s Nationals this year!
It seems almost impossible for a studio with about 45 entries to stand out at a competition of about 1200 entries,
but HDA did it!
With confidence, talent, and desire, HDA managed to push its way to the top in the Secondary, Intermediate, and Elite levels.
They earned high enough scores to re-compete in the “Star Showcase” at the end of the competition!

Although they were not named “Grand Champions” at the Star Showcase, their dances will be remembered for years to come.
It’s not the performances that scored the highest that are remembered, it’s the performances that moved people.
Congrats HDA!
Here are the results:

Primary Level

8 & under Duo/Trios
10th Place- Crash
8 & under Small Groups
7th Place- U Got the Look

Secondary Level

8 & under Large Groups
5th Place- Memorial Day
8 & under Lines
1st Place- Turf War
9-11 Large Groups
4th Place- New Girls on the Block
7th Place- Strut
9-11 Lines
1st Place- Mouse Trap
*Invited to the Star Showcase
12-14 Large Groups
4th Place- Planet Rock

Intermediate Level

12-14 Duos/Trios
6th Place- Teenage Dream
13th Place- Senorita
9-11 Small Groups
4th Place- Calm Under the Waves
9th Place- So Shady
11th Place- Criminal Intent
* Sassy Style Award
12-14 Large Groups
1st Place- End of Innocence
*Incredible Connection Award
*Invited to the Star Showcase

Elite Level

15-19 Solos
12th Place- Speechless…performed by Chrissy Rodefer
17th Place- Word Up… performed by Chelsea Hough
15-19 Duo/Trios
10th Place- Control
12-14 Small Groups
1st Place- Killing Me Softly
15-19 Small Groups
1st Place- Weightless
*Invited to the Star Showcase
4th Place- Runaway Bride
*Most Entertaining Award
15-19 Large Groups
3rd Place- A Glimpse of Heaven
* Best Costume Award
7th Place- It Doesn’t Hurt

12-14 Super Lines
3rd Place- Blind Allegiance

12-14 Production
2nd Place- Will Love Reign?

Andrea Woodward also received a Teacher of the Year award and TWO choreography awards for “End of Innocence” and “Weightless”.

We are so proud of our dancers for their accomplishments at Nationals this year!
If I left anything off (which I probably did) please comment and I will add it to the results!


Importance of Summer Training

With summer in full swing, the general tendency is to lay around and relax.
Relaxation is great, but staying in shape should be a priority as well.
An article from expressed that the rate of injury for dancers is extremely high and the majority of injuries happen at the beginning of the season. This is when dancers have lost their stamina and strength and they are easily fatigued.  This strength and stamina are gained through taking class.  It also stated that,

“There is no substitute for a great summer dance class…In addition to providing you with dance specific strengthening, this will also help you keep all of the steps that you’ve worked so hard to perfect in your “muscle memory” — the coordinated sequence of movement patterns stored in your central nervous system.”

So why not take class?
Sometimes motivation is hard to find in the summer months, but I have come to find that it’s much easier when other people are there to motivate you. Luckily for you, HDA offers several summer classes 🙂
For more information the summer classes or camps offered, visit our Schedule page and our Summer Camps page.

To read the full article I referenced, visit the link below.
Staying in Shape over the Summer Break

Happy Father’s Day!

HDA says Happy Father’s Day!

It’s difficult to express how much we appreciate our dance dads!
I hope that everyone has a day full of joy and relaxation with their loved ones 🙂

I also would like to give a special shout out to the prop dads!
The HDA Competition Team is headed to Panama City for Nationals this week, and it would not be happening without them.
Thank you for making our dances come to life 🙂


More Camps!

It’s been a great first week of camps and classes!!

Don’t forget that there are several camps happening next week as well!

They are:

Fame Jr., Mon-Fri, 9 am-1 pm, $125
Ages 6-9. Want to be a triple threat and gain confidence? Dance, acting, and singing are all incorporated into this week long camp, where students will develop a “show” to perform at the end of the week! 

Broadway Bound, Mon-Fri, 1 pm-4:30 pm, $125
Ages 10 & up. Want to be a triple threat and gain confidence? Dance, acting, and singing are all incorporated into this week long camp, where students will develop a “show” to perform at the end of the week! 

Music & Dance, Mon-Fri, 10 am-2 pm, $125
Ages 3-6. Got Rhythm? Simple music instruments (drums, tambourines, maracas) are incorporated into dance routines taught this week, taking dance class to a whole new level!

 Check out our Summer Camps page for more information on camps for the entire summer!

Recital DVDs and Pictures

If you ordered the pictures taken at dress rehearsal, they are available to pick up at the studio!

Recital DVDs:
If you have not ordered a Recital DVD, you can still do so!
There is a form available to fill out at the front desk of HDA.
Individual shows are $35 each, any two shows are $65, and all three shows are $85.

All orders will be mailed directly to you and the $5.00 cost for shipping and handling has already been included in the price.
For more questions about DVDs, contact Jory McDaniel at

Don’t forget that summer classes start tonight!
Can’t wait to see everyone this week 🙂

This Week

Don’t forget that summer classes start tomorrow!

There are three camps offered this week:

1. Tumbling Around the World (9 am-1 pm)
2. Happy Feet (10 am-2 pm)
3. Technique Intensive (2 pm-5:30 pm)

If you have not already signed up, you may do so upon arrival!

Please refer to our Summer Camps page for details about each camp.
Be sure to visit our Schedule page as well for a schedule of summer classes.