Competition Results- Applause

HDA attended their 6th regional competition,
Applause Talent Competition, this weekend.
They left their hearts on the stage and we could not be more proud of them!!
They definitely gave their mothers the gift of
great dancing on this Mother’s Day. 🙂

HDA was named the Top Studio in the Ovation and Encore divisions!
To learn more about these divisions, visit the competition’s website in the link above.

Teen Division (Ages 12-14):
2nd Place: Dangerous
Performed by Corinne Baldwin
1st Place: Teenage Dream
Small Groups
1st Place: Killing Me Softly
Large Groups
1st Place: End of Innocence
5th Place: Planet Rock
**Also “All Star Kids”
2nd Place: Will Love Reign?
3rd Place: Blind Allegiance

** Will Love Reign? also received an invitation to New York as “All Star Kids”
**Runaway Bride was the FDC Award Winner!
** Killing Me Softly was the highest score of the competition!
Senior Division (Ages 15-19):
2nd Place: Eternal Flame
performed by Kendyl Osbourne
4th Place: Weakness in Me
performed by Jordyn Rotroff
5th Place: Speechless
performed by Chrissy Rodefer
6th Place: Word Up
performed by Chelsea Hough
**invited to join Applause at their Fusion Dance Camp in Chicago
**Taylor Coleman was also invited for her solo “Disturbia”
2nd Place: Do It Like a Dude
Small Groups
1st Place: Runaway Bride
3rd Place: Weightless
4th Place: Videophone
Large Groups
2nd Place: It Doesn’t Hurt
**Also “All Star Kids”
3rd Place: A Glimpse of Heaven
Petite Division (Ages 8 and Under): Duos/Trios
3rd   Place: Crash
5th Place: Small World
Small Groups
4th Place: U Got the Look
Large Groups
2nd Place: Memorial Day
1st Place: Turf War
** Turf War also received an invitation to New York as “All Star Kids”
** Criminal Intent received the “Style Queens” award
– Please leave a comment if I missed anything and I will add it!
Junior Division (Ages 9-11): Solos
2nd  Place: Beautiful
performed by Bailey Barber
7th Place: Lucky Star
performed by Keely Walker
4th Place: He Loves You Not
5th Place: Who’s Laughing Now?
Small Groups
1st Place: Calm Under the Waves
2nd Place: Criminal Intent
4th Place: So Shady
Large Groups
2nd Place: New Girls on the Block
7th Place: Strut
  1st Place: Mouse Trap

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