Jeff Woodward Memorial Scholarship Award

The Jeff Woodward Memorial Scholarship Award is:
 A need based scholarship, unlike the Sarah Meadows Scholarship that we give every year (that is picked by Andrea and her staff). The winner of this scholarship will be a child who loves to dance, but maybe the family can’t afford it, or has gotten caught up in the wrong crowd, (and needs a focus and direction) or maybe a child that doesn’t realize their talent and needs to be pushed to realize their potential.

How to recommend a child: 

Andrea would like you to write her a letter telling her why you think this child and/or family deserves this scholarship and how you think it would benefit them. From these letters, she will choose a few, and she may want to talk with you further to narrow down her decision.

Who should you nominate?
I ask that you nominate a child under the age of 18. This child could currently attend HDA or not, they may have taken dance before or they may have never even taken a dance class in their life. Just remember, they need to WANT to dance, even if they’ve never had formal training. Also, you can nominate your own child and/or family member or you can nominate anyone else.

These are due Wednesday, May 16th.
You can e-mail to


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