Blast from the Past

The last of this year’s seniors are graduating this weekend….
I know, it’s so hard to believe!
But thinking about these incredible girls made me think about seniors from the past.
I thought that I’d share an amazing performance from Laura, an HDA senior from 2010, and Brenton.

“Separate Lives”



Summer Classes

After an incredible recital, I’m sure that the staff and students are beyond excited to get back in the studio!
Thankfully, summer classes and camps begin next week!!!

Don’t forget to check out the summer camps page and the schedule page for information.
It’s not too late to sign up, so let’s get to it 🙂

Can’t wait to see everyone again!


It’s been an intense week of rehearsals and we are so excited to announce that recital starts tomorrow!!!

Show 1 begins at 2:00 pm and Show 2 begins at 6:00 pm.

There will be graduations at Belmont tomorrow, so HDA patrons should plan on parking in building 9.
That is the Inman Center with the Gordon E. & North Garage underneath.
Nearly 800 spots are available there.
Folks should come down Wedgewood.  There will be an officer directing traffic at 15th and Wedgewood on Saturday.
Last year it was reported that traffic backed up all the way to I-65. If some of your folks could come in off of Music Row it could help alleviate some of the congestion.

They are asking us not to use the Curb Center Parking Garage on Saturday.

On Saturday, there will be signs directing HDA to the North Garage of Wedgewood and off of 15th Avenue. The signs will just say “HDA” and have an arrow, but should help your folks find the right place. Please have your folks look for and follow them.

Once on campus we will place paper signs in the buildings to route people from the Inman Center to MPAC, or building 27. Our concern is accessibility. There is a path where folks can get all the way to MPAC without stairs. If you have people who need handicapped accessibility we will accommodate them at MPAC before the show, and then park the cars.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the show (I suggest getting there about 45 minutes early to get a good seat).

Sunday’s show begins at 2:00 p.m. and parking should not be a problem!
Again we are so excited about the 15th Annual HDA recital! Can’t wait to see you there!



Don’t come to class this week!
Not because we wouldn’t love to have you, but because it’s recital time!!
Dress rehearsals are this week starting Tuesday, May 15 and ending Thursday, May 17th.
You should have received an e-mail with your rehearsal times.
Don’t forget this is at BELMONT UNIVERSITY in the Massey Auditorium.
We are so excited to see the kids on stage!
If you have any questions, please contact the HDA office at 615-231-7100
or by e-mail at

A campus map is located at the link below.

Belmont University Campus

A Vow to Dance…Til the End of Time

Competition Results- Applause

HDA attended their 6th regional competition,
Applause Talent Competition, this weekend.
They left their hearts on the stage and we could not be more proud of them!!
They definitely gave their mothers the gift of
great dancing on this Mother’s Day. 🙂

HDA was named the Top Studio in the Ovation and Encore divisions!
To learn more about these divisions, visit the competition’s website in the link above.

Teen Division (Ages 12-14):
2nd Place: Dangerous
Performed by Corinne Baldwin
1st Place: Teenage Dream
Small Groups
1st Place: Killing Me Softly
Large Groups
1st Place: End of Innocence
5th Place: Planet Rock
**Also “All Star Kids”
2nd Place: Will Love Reign?
3rd Place: Blind Allegiance

** Will Love Reign? also received an invitation to New York as “All Star Kids”
**Runaway Bride was the FDC Award Winner!
** Killing Me Softly was the highest score of the competition!
Senior Division (Ages 15-19):
2nd Place: Eternal Flame
performed by Kendyl Osbourne
4th Place: Weakness in Me
performed by Jordyn Rotroff
5th Place: Speechless
performed by Chrissy Rodefer
6th Place: Word Up
performed by Chelsea Hough
**invited to join Applause at their Fusion Dance Camp in Chicago
**Taylor Coleman was also invited for her solo “Disturbia”
2nd Place: Do It Like a Dude
Small Groups
1st Place: Runaway Bride
3rd Place: Weightless
4th Place: Videophone
Large Groups
2nd Place: It Doesn’t Hurt
**Also “All Star Kids”
3rd Place: A Glimpse of Heaven
Petite Division (Ages 8 and Under): Duos/Trios
3rd   Place: Crash
5th Place: Small World
Small Groups
4th Place: U Got the Look
Large Groups
2nd Place: Memorial Day
1st Place: Turf War
** Turf War also received an invitation to New York as “All Star Kids”
** Criminal Intent received the “Style Queens” award
– Please leave a comment if I missed anything and I will add it!
Junior Division (Ages 9-11): Solos
2nd  Place: Beautiful
performed by Bailey Barber
7th Place: Lucky Star
performed by Keely Walker
4th Place: He Loves You Not
5th Place: Who’s Laughing Now?
Small Groups
1st Place: Calm Under the Waves
2nd Place: Criminal Intent
4th Place: So Shady
Large Groups
2nd Place: New Girls on the Block
7th Place: Strut
  1st Place: Mouse Trap

Jeff Woodward Memorial Scholarship Award

The Jeff Woodward Memorial Scholarship Award is:
 A need based scholarship, unlike the Sarah Meadows Scholarship that we give every year (that is picked by Andrea and her staff). The winner of this scholarship will be a child who loves to dance, but maybe the family can’t afford it, or has gotten caught up in the wrong crowd, (and needs a focus and direction) or maybe a child that doesn’t realize their talent and needs to be pushed to realize their potential.

How to recommend a child: 

Andrea would like you to write her a letter telling her why you think this child and/or family deserves this scholarship and how you think it would benefit them. From these letters, she will choose a few, and she may want to talk with you further to narrow down her decision.

Who should you nominate?
I ask that you nominate a child under the age of 18. This child could currently attend HDA or not, they may have taken dance before or they may have never even taken a dance class in their life. Just remember, they need to WANT to dance, even if they’ve never had formal training. Also, you can nominate your own child and/or family member or you can nominate anyone else.

These are due Wednesday, May 16th.
You can e-mail to