HDA’s “KAR Kids”

Kids Artistic Revue has gives dancers the opportunity to participate in Artistic Adventure’s 11th Annual New York City Dance experience. Selected dancers will be invited to join KAR in New York City to further inspire their passion and appreciation for the performing arts. This is invitation only!! Here are the HDA dancers that have been invited:

Corinne Baldwin
Grayson Hickman
Cayla Owen
Kendyl Osbourne
Jordyn Rotroff
Neveah Guerrero
Zoie Hicks
Carah Burgett
Ansley Sharpe
Chelsea Hough
Miriam Gaines
Jordyn Rudzinski
Taylor Coleman
Rachel Baldwin
Keeley Walker
Morgan Butler
Mackenzie Weber
Chrissy Rodefer
Sarah Swalls
Bailey Barber
Mia Harmon
Marissa Hawks
Karly Mathis
Samantha Ragsdale
Regan Shelton
Kayla Ryan

For more information on awards, visit KAR’s website.
Kids Artistic Revue


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