How to be a Great Dance Student

To be a great dancer, you must be a great student!
Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. FOCUS during class! It’s DANCE class.  Just dance!

2. Apply your corrections. Try to correct what the teacher is asking you to correct right away! Bad habits can develop easily, so always be aware of your corrections.

3. Ask questions. The teachers are there to help you, not to intimidate you.  If you don’t understand something, or you aren’t sure if you are doing something right, then just ask! This is very important if you are in a large class, because there is only so much that one teacher can see.

4. Practice outside of class. Practice makes perfect, right? The more you practice outside of class, the faster you will improve.  This does not just mean dancing, either.  Just thinking about your corrections or choreography outside of class will help you improve too!

5. Watching your fellow students. Although most of the things you learn will come from your teacher, watching your classmates can be very helpful as well. Seeing their successes is great motivation and listening to their corrections can help you better your dancing!


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