Showcase Tickets

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$10.00 Pre-sale
$20.00 Premium Seating



Recital Trophies

The Hermitage Dance Academy Competition Team is once again taking orders for Recital Trophies for your dancer. This is a fundraiser for the team to attend summer camps.
The trophy will be 10 1/2 inches tall with an HDA medallion. It will be engraved with Hermitage Dance Academy Recital 2012.
The price will be $12.00 per trophy.
If you are interested, please fill out a form at the front desk and place it in the competition team box behind the front desk.
Make a check payable to HDA Competition Team, include your child’s name on the check.
The trophies will be available to be picked up at recital rehearsal.
If you have any questions, send an email to

HDA’s “KAR Kids”

Kids Artistic Revue has gives dancers the opportunity to participate in Artistic Adventure’s 11th Annual New York City Dance experience. Selected dancers will be invited to join KAR in New York City to further inspire their passion and appreciation for the performing arts. This is invitation only!! Here are the HDA dancers that have been invited:

Corinne Baldwin
Grayson Hickman
Cayla Owen
Kendyl Osbourne
Jordyn Rotroff
Neveah Guerrero
Zoie Hicks
Carah Burgett
Ansley Sharpe
Chelsea Hough
Miriam Gaines
Jordyn Rudzinski
Taylor Coleman
Rachel Baldwin
Keeley Walker
Morgan Butler
Mackenzie Weber
Chrissy Rodefer
Sarah Swalls
Bailey Barber
Mia Harmon
Marissa Hawks
Karly Mathis
Samantha Ragsdale
Regan Shelton
Kayla Ryan

For more information on awards, visit KAR’s website.
Kids Artistic Revue

Competition Results: Kids Artistic Revue- West Memphis

9-11 Solos
10th Place: I’m Coming Out
performed by Rachel Baldwin

8 & under Small Groups
2nd Place: Where’s the Party?
4th Place: U Got the Look
5th Place: Raspberry Beret

15-19 Solos
4th Place: Disturbia
performed by Taylor Coleman
9-11 Duo/Trios
2nd Place: He Loves You Not
5th Place: Firework
6th Place: Look Who’s Laughing Now
12-14 Duo/Trios
1st Place: Delovely
15-19 Duo/Trios
1st Place: Crazy in Love
8 & Under Large Groups
1st Place: Memorial Day
8 & under Lines
1st Place: Turf War
9-11 Small Groups:
3rd Place: Charlie’s Angels
9-11 Large Groups:
1st Place: New Girls on the Block
2nd Place: Strut
9-11 Lines
1st Place: Mouse Trap
12-14 Large Groups:
1st Place: Planet Rock
3rd Place: After Dark

9-11 Solos
2nd Place: Beautiful
performed by Bailey Barber
12-14 Solos
3rd Place: Dangerous
performed by Corinne Baldwin
12-14 Duo/Trios
2nd Place: Teenage Dream
15-19 Duo/Trios
1st Place: Do It Like a Dude
9-11 Small Groups
1st Place: Calm Under the Waves
2nd Place: Criminal Intent
5th Place: So Shady
12-14 Small Groups
3rd Place: Alter Ego
12-14 Large Groups
1st Place: End of Innocence

15-19 Solos
3rd Place: Word Up
performed by Chelsea Hough
4th Place: Speechless
performed by Chrissy Rodefer
6th Place: Weakness in Me
performed by Jordyn Rotroff
8th Place: Eternal Flame
performed by Kendyl Osbourne
15-19 Duo/Trios
4th Place: Control
15-19 Small Groups
1st Place: Runaway Bride
4th Place: Videophone
15-19 Large Groups
1st Place: It Doesn’t Hurt
3rd Place: A Glimpse of Heaven
1st Place: Will Love Reign?

Facebook Video of the Week Nominee Criminal Intent
Most Entertaining: Turf War
“Party Time” special award: Where’s the Party?
KAR Convention Scholarship: Chelsea Hough

Kids Artistic Revue!

This weekend, the competition team is attending their 5th competition, Kids Artistic Revue.
KAR is one of our favorite competitions and HDA attends their nationals each year (this year it’s in Panama City).
The team is super excited 🙂

Wish them luck!
Updates on the competition results to follow…

For more information about Kids Artistic Revue, click the link below.

Kids Artistic Revue

HDA Showcase Update!

The showcase schedule has changed!

Doors will now open at 3:30 p.m.
Hors d’oeuvres will be served until 4:00 p.m.

The show will begin at 4:00 p.m. sharp!

You can purchase your tickets in advance.
Presale tickets are available at the studio for:
– $10.00 each for regular seating
– $20.00 each for premium seating (space limited so 1st come, 1st serve).
At the door:

Also, there will be a silent auction and concessions during intermission.
Don’t miss it!