HDA Tip of the Week: Stage Fright

Do you ever get on stage and forget your dance or get lost in those bright lights? Maybe you have a case of stage fright?  Don’t worry, being nervous is extremely common!

Obviously these girls above use their emotions IN their performance.  They don’t let fear or nervousness conquer them. That’s how you want to handle it!
It takes a lot of guts to get out and stage and perform in front of hundreds of people.  It can be scary, but don’t get caught up in that.  Just have fun!
If you have this problem, check out the tips below on how to cope with stage fright.

1. Give yourself a stop-time for your anxiety.

2. Don’t have lots of to-do’s on performance day. Go slow.

3. OR Have lots of to-do’s on the day of a show. Go fast.

4. Create a ritual.

5. Get in the audience.

6. Exercise.

7. Get to the venue early in the day.

8. Feign confidence.

9. Perform from the fear.

Want more information or details on these tips? Visit the website below.


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