Vote for HDA!

HDA has been nominated for Studio of the Year and Best Interpretive Group Story-Form Perfomance by the Destined to Dance Awards!
It originated in 2006 “as a show used as an outlet to build clientele for the studios, while allowing them to showcase electrifying performances.” Basically, the goal of Destined to Dance is to demonstrate the art of dance to those who are unfamiliar and help create more diversity for dancers who are familiar with it. They chose dancers who they thought have made a great impact on dance. To learn more visit their website d2dawards.

To vote for Hermitage Dance Academy, click Hermitage Dance Academy in the first box (top left), and click Andrea Woodward in the second box (right next to it).
Vote For HDA

Also, the competition attended Masquerade Dance Competition this weekend and they have a Video of the Week on Facebook.  The dance that receives the most votes will appear on their Facebook page! 
If you have a Facebook, please visit the link below and type “Will Love Reign? Hermitage Dance Academy” in a comment!
Vote for Video of the Week

We would love it if you would take a couple of minutes out of your day to support HDA!


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