HDA’s Prop Dads

This weekend, March 9th through March 11th, is the competition team’s fourth competition and it wouldn’t be possible without HDA’s prop dads!

Every competition season, HDA comes out with a LOT of props.  We like to tell a story on stage and props are sometimes a necessity.  The prop dads help Andrea’s vision come to life!
These men work very hard every year. They volunteer to build, transport, and place the props on stage.  They have their own “prop shop” in which they do their building and painting.  This year several dance parents, who may not be handy with the tools, helped paint! The dancers and the HDA staff cannot thank them enough for all of their time and effort they put in for the kids.
You would think that not many grown men would be willing to sacrifice their time for DANCE.  But dads from many studios prove that statement wrong every weekend, competition after competition!

These dads aren’t just PROP dads. . . they are dance dads too.  Now that’s a job!
Want to know more about what dance dads go through?

Click the link below to discover one man’s experiences as a dance dad.
The Insane Life of a Dance Dad


One response to “HDA’s Prop Dads

  1. Thank you so much for posting this!!!! The link you posted is a great story, but the HDA Prop Dads take it to the next level. For me there is no better feeling then being backstage helping and cheering on our dancers, whether there is a prop or not. The smiles and hugs make it all worth while!!!!!

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