Dancer’s Tip of the Week: Leaps

Leaps  are common technical elements that dancers complete. 
Some people are blessed with a natural ability, while others have to work a bit harder.  Here are three tips that I have used in the past to improve my leaps.

#1 USE YOUR PLIE: It is extremely important to use your plie when you take off and when you land.  The last step you take before you leave the ground is in plie.  The deeper you plie, the easier it will be to gain height on your jump.
Also, you MUST plie when landing.  Landing on straight legs can cause serious injury. You can’t remain in the air forever, so you need to bend your knees in order to land.
#2 LOOK UP: Many dancers jump higher when they lift their chin. Looking down keeps you lower to the ground. Try to fix your spot on something up high.
#3 POP YOUR LEGS: Think about popping your legs up at the same time. You never want to feel like one leg is going higher than the other or that only one leg is in the air at a time.  In order to do this, you must use your plie (see #1) and gain speed going into your leap.

I hope this helps!


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