HDA’s 2nd Competition Results: Bravo!

Petite (8 & under) Duo/Trios:
3rd Place- Crash
4th Place- Small World

Petite Small Groups:
2nd Place- Where’s the Party
3rd Place- U Got the Look
4th Place- Raspberry Beret
Petite Large Groups:
2nd Place- Memorial Day
Petite Lines:
1st Place- Turf War

Junior (9-11) Solos :
1st Place- Beautiful
Performed by Bailey Barber

 Junior Duo/Trios:
2nd Place- He Loves You Not
4th Place- Firework
5th Place- Who’s Laughing Now?

Junior Small Groups:
2nd Place- Calm Under the Waves
3rd Place- So Shady
Junior Large Groups:
1st Place- Strut
3rd Place- New Girls on the Block
Junior Lines:
2nd Place- Mouse Trap

Teen (12-14) Solos:
4th Place- Dangerous
Performed by Corinne Baldwin

Teen Duo/Trios:
4th Place- Teenage Dream

Teen Small Groups:
2nd Place- Killing Me Softly
5th Place- Alter Ego
Teen Large Groups:
1st Place- End of Innocence
4th Place- Narcissist
Teen Lines:
2nd Place- Will Love Reign?
3rd Place- Blind Allegiance

Senior (15-19) Solos:
5th Place-Speechless
Performed by Chrissy Rodefer

Senior Duo/Trios:
4th Place- Control

Senior Small Groups:
2nd Place- Runaway Bride
4th Place- Weightless
Senior Large Groups:
5th Place- A Glimpse of Heaven

Special Awards:

“Cool Chemistry”- Planet Rock
“Costume Award”- Alter Ego
“Choreography Award”- Runaway Bride
“Heart Warmer/Simply Sweet”- Memorial Day
“Standing O!Vation”- Will Love Reign?
“Creative Concept”- He Loves You Not
“Uniquely You”- Lucky Star
“O!Vation Scholarship Winner”- Bailey Barber
FDC AWARD: Beautiful performed by Bailey Barber
HDA did a wonderful job this weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported them!


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