The Boys of HDA

This year, HDA added a boy’s competition team! 

The boy’s team competes in hip hop, but most of the boys enjoy other styles of dance as well. 
The boy’s team has their own class where they focus on their performances, strength, and hip hop skills. Their main instructor is Keith Fitzpatrick.  As of now the ages range from 8-16, but there have not been set age limits so far! 
Auditions for this competition season are closed, but there will be try-outs held this summer if you or your child is interested!  It is the first year that HDA has had a boy’s team and it’s been fantastic!

Also, HDA offers all boys classes that do not compete, but they participate in the annual recital.  These classes are hip-hop and tumbling, and they are offered for ages 3-6 and 7 and up.

*** Please note that boys are allowed to take any class they want (with or without girls). These classes are just specialized for boys!

For more information, visit this link.


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