Dancer’s tip of the week: Pirouettes

Pirouettes.. oh pirouettes.
How do you feel about them? Friend or foe?

Lately, I have noticed students around the studio struggling with pirouettes. This struggle inspired me to re-evaluate my methods and to explore what others had to say about them. I found a few tips from that I thought could be useful!

1. Plié deeply with the weight forward over the toes
2. Take a moment of stillness before you release your energy in the turn.
3. Think of pushing or drilling the leg down into the floor. Use opposition.
4. Think about connecting your ribs to your pelvis.
5. Don’t think about spinning.
6. Don’t start the turn too early! (don’t move your heel before you start)
7. Don’t tense up…breathe!
8. Mentally make a choice to come down from the turn, don’t let gravity control you!
9. Visualize the perfect turn (it really does help).
10. If you are planning on doing more than two turns, slowly bring your arms in closer (it’s physics).



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